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love notes


"Just like putting your heart into something doesn’t always have to be as obvious as a hug, but through acts of love.    And one of my favorite acts of love is baking.  I especially love to make cookies and muffins for my kids, as many of us do.  A friend of my son’s was was over and was eating a muffin. The friend commented "Everything here always tastes so good!".  And my son’s response...."Thats because everything here is made with love!".  It’s that comment that drives me in everything I create.  Whether it is chocolate chip cookies or a handmade Stuffie......I can promise it is made with love." 

- Jennifer, Founder of FLB and mom of 5


"I am totally IN LOVE with all of these items! I am so happy we have connected and I can't wait to sell these wonderful gifts! Thank you for your purposeful, nature, and loving approach. YOU and fly little bird are awesome!"

-Sandy, Retail Store Owner


"My daughters and I take turns with our Elephant Stuffie depending on who needs to feel the comfort and love it's infused with.  My 31 year old daughter held it during challenging medical procedures.  My 28 year old daughter with special needs hugs it when she needs an extra dose of comfort.  And it often sits on my lap as I work with my clients in energy coaching sessions."

- Belinda, mom of 2


"Jackson was gifted his Bunny Stuffie during his gender reveal party. From that day forward Jackson’s Bunny Stuffie never left his side. Jackson spent 52 days in the NICU and for all those days his Bunny Stuffie was right by his side. Research shows that babies who suffer traumatic issues at birth, may suffer with attachment issues. That has been far from the truth for Jackson. The way we show our children love curates how they will love themselves. His Bunny gives him love and security. It lets him know that he’s never alone and never will be. From the first time Jackson realized how soft and cuddly his Bunny was he has never parted from it."

- Latoyka, mom of 1


"My two teenagers got their Stuffies for Christmas...I wanted them to have a beautiful memory with them as they start to think about going away to college and spreading their own wings...being able to give these as a gift filled my heart with so much hope and joy." 

- Adriana, mom of 2

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