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10% of the proceeds from each
purchase will be donated to
Donate Life America

Click the link below to register for the national donor registry:

Donate Life America is an organization near and dear to my heart. My family has experienced both sides of organ donation. The impact this experience has had on our lives is indescribable.    


If you would like to donate directly to Donate Life America, click on the button below.


In 2012 my dad's life was saved as he was lucky enough to receive a new liver through the selfless gift of an organ donor. Three years later, when my mom passed suddenly at the age of 76, she was able to return that gift of life to 3 other families by donating her liver and kidneys.


I believe a large part of my journey in life is to spread the word about the importance of organ donation to others. In my parent's honor, fly little bird will donate 10% of proceeds of every sale to Donate Life America. 

peace and hugs - 

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