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infused with love


fly little bird's story is one of love, compassion, kindness and sustainability.
I'm Jennifer, mom of five and founder of fly little bird. I have been very blessed with strong role models in my life. My parents and grandparents have been the most influential and positive examples for how to live a full life. By watching them in their everyday life, I learned about hard work, dedication, resilience, and deep family love. My gratitude for them is immeasurable.

 When I was growing up, my loved ones used to tell me to "fly high little bird...the world is yours!" They encouraged me to be courageous no matter the age and served as a constant reminder that someone was in my corner. That's why I created fly little bird. Each stuffie comes with its own little Birdie friend to protect and cherish. A stuffie with a Birdie represents the idea that you are never alone, as long as you have someone in your corner. The stuffie is the loved one, the friend saying "you can do it," while the birdie represents a child finding their courage. Each one of our stuffies is handmade thoughtfully and infused with love. 


Fly high my little birds.....the world is yours!

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