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fly little bird believes there is beauty found in both the old and the new. Using vintage as well as natural fabrics, our company combines fun, mismatched patterns and colors to produce unique, handmade gifts. Our company's concept was born from the love of creating beautiful children's products that encourage kindness and compassion yet remain eco-friendly.

I was a cashmere sweater.
I was a cotton shirt.

As a mother of five, I wanted to create beautiful, timeless gifts for children that inspire kindness and friendship. In a world where technology is everywhere, I appreciate toys that encourage children to use their imagination and wanted to create beautiful gifts that do just that. Conscious of the environment, I use repurposed and natural fibers to create beautiful products ready for gift giving. From the Stuffie's heads that are made from cozy, repurposed cashmere sweaters to the all natural cotton stuffing inside their soft, cuddly bodies, each product is carefully thought out in its design and materials.

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