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Once upon a time, in the heart of the woodland forest, there lived a kind and curious bear named Brody. He loved to explore the forest and meet new animals. One sunny day, Brody was wandering through the forest when he heard a loud noise. As he got closer, he saw that a tree had fallen across the river, blocking his path to the other side. Brody was afraid to cross the river alone, but he knew he needed to get to the other side to find food and water. Brody decided to ask his friends Damien the deer and Bonnie the bunny for help. Damien used his strong antlers to push the fallen tree out of the way, while Bonnie used her quick reflexes to help Brody cross the river safely. Thanks to their teamwork, Brody was able to reach the other side of the river and find the food and water he needed. From that day on, Brody, Damien, and Bonnie continued to explore the forest together, relying on each other and helping each other along the way. 


Brody’s story inspires children to be brave and kind, and it’s just one of the many stories that can be brought to life through these handmade Bear puppets. Made from repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters and standing between 11-15 inches tall, each puppet is unique and made with care and attention to detail. With its beautiful colors and playful design, it's sure to capture the imagination of any child. Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, this Bear puppet is a gift that any child is sure to treasure.

Woodland Whimsy Puppets


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