As the sun was rising one morning, Deer was enjoying breakfast in the meadow just outside the forest when there was a tiny chirping. The sound was sad so Deer went to explore the forest and found little red bird near the bottom of a tree. Birdie had gotten lost and was too afraid to fly. Deer understood how scary it was to be lost so Birdie climbed into the satchel. They would explore the forest and learn what it was like to be brave together.


Every Deer comes with their own little handsewn wool felt satchel and tiny wool felt Birdie to take on great adventures!


Each stuffie is a handmade, one of a kind product.

Made in the USA.


Approx 18" 

Ages 3+

Deer Stuffie

    • Approximately 18 inches tall
    • Head - repurposed cashmere
    • Body - 100% cotton oxford shirts
    • Stuffing -  organic cotton batting.
    • Birdie & Satchel -  100% recycled plastic bottle felt