• Cow was was busy munching on grass in the field when there was a sad little sound. Looking around Cow saw Birdie sitting on top of the barnyard fence. Birdie was lost and afraid to fly. Cow had a tiny satchel just the right size to carry Birdie in while they went on great adventures. Together they went all around the farm finding Birdie's brave! 


    Cow is handmade from repurposed cashmere sweaters and cotton oxford shirts and filled with organic cotton stuffing making it soft to snuggle with. Every Cow comes with their own little  messenger bag and tiny wool felt Birdie to take on great adventures!


    Each stuffie is a handmade, one of a kind product.

    Made in the USA.


    Approx 18" 

    Ages 3+

    Cow Stuffie

    • Each Stuffie is approximately 18 inches tall with a head made from repurposed cashmere, a colorful mismatched body made from 100% cotton oxford shirts and stuffed with organic cotton batting. All stuffies come with a handmade Birdie created from 100% plant-dyed wool felt perfectly sized to fit the tiny wool felt satchel.

    • The repurposed cashmere for each Cow may vary in color. 

      Down on the Farm products are created using Primary colors. Please visit the color story page for examples.

      If you'd like specific colors, please message us and we will be happy to work with you.

    10% of the proceeds from each purchase 
    will be donated to Donate Life America

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