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Once upon a time, in a bustling circus, there lived a shy lion named Leo. Leo was part of the circus act, but he was always nervous about performing. He was afraid of the loud noises, bright lights, and the hundreds of people watching him. One day, while performing his act, Leo's tail got stuck in a rope and he didn’t know what to do. Just as he was about to give up, he heard a kind voice - it was his circus friend, a wise old elephant named Ellie. Ellie had seen Leo's struggle and called over to their monkey friend Molly to help. Together, Ellie and Molly worked to free Leo's tail. The crowd cheered and Leo realized that he was not alone. He had his circus friends to rely on and help him be brave.

Leo’s story inspires children to be brave and kind, and it’s just one of the many stories that can be brought to life through these handmade Lion puppets. Made from repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters and standing between 11-15 inches tall, each puppet is unique and made with care and attention to detail. With its beautiful colors and playful design, it's sure to capture the imagination of any child. Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, this Lion puppet is a gift that any child is sure to treasure.

Under the Circus Tent Puppets


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