Elephant, Lion and Monkey were resting Under the Circus Tent one afternoon when Lion noticed a tiny shadow outside the tent. Curious, Monkey swung to the entrance to see what it was. It was tiny little red bird sitting right outside the tent. Birdie was scared and lonely and too afraid to fly. "Aha!" Elephant thought. He had a small satchel that was the perfect size for Birdie, so he welcomed Birdie to join them. The 3 friends were so excited to have a new friend and decided to go on adventures Under the Circus Tent and learn to be brave together.


These soft, snuggly Stuffies are perfect for imaginary play and they are so cute! Why choose one when you can have the entire set of Under the Circus Tent Friends? This set includes one of each of the Circus Stuffies (Elephant, Lion, Monkey) in our 14" sizes. 


Each Stuffie is a handmade, one of a kind product. We use the highest quality sustainable fabrics and materials for our stuffies. Made in the USA.


Each set comes with a refill of 3 red felt Birdies just in case some "fly away"!

14" Under the Circus Tent Stuffies - Set of 3

    • Head - repurposed cashmere
    • Body - 100% cotton oxford shirts
    • Stuffing -  organic kapok
    • Birdie & Satchel -  100% recycled plastic bottle felt