Welcome to the world of

where unusual friendships are made and
everyone is loved for their differences.
Fly Little Bird was created to inspire kindness, compassion and friendship in children.

Each animal has their own special way to
show their new friend Birdie how to feel brave
and depend on those we least expect to
help us through life's uncertain times. 
Through your child's imagination,
the animals can not only show kindness
and compassion to Birdie but feel
courageous themselves with a new best
friend to take on their own great adventures!
Fly High Little Bird....The World is Yours!

it's all in

the details

Our mix-n-match patterns and colors and our hand stitching are all signature to

Fly Little Bird.

Naturally Simple

Fly Little Bird tries our best to stay environmentally friendly in creating our products.

We do this by making our gifts from

repurposed 100% cotton oxford shirts and cashmere sweaters along with organically

dyed wool felt, as well as

natural cotton batting and stuffing.

All of our products are handmade

lovingly in the USA.

Each item is made to order, 

one of a kind and infused with love.

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Photos Courtesy of Julia D’Agostino        © 2021 by fly little bird


How did you hear about FLB?
How did you hear about FLB?